Our Investment Ideals


We make this a top priority in making our investment decisions. Our investee companies should have the capacity to create jobs directly or indirectly through their entire value chain, providing employment opportunities to the societies they operate in.


Creating opportunities for women to attain their full potentials economically, socially, educationally etc is one of our investment ideals. Our investments aim at promoting women’s sense of self-worth, their ability to determine their own choices and their rights to influence social changes for themselves and their societies. Businesses, Ventures, Projects etc that brings these opportunities surely becomes our investment priorities.


We promote home grown businesses thereby reducing reliance on imported products and services in all our host countries. This creates economic value by improving the Gross Domestic Product of their Countries and stimulates a stronger economy.


As a signatory to Principles of Responsible Investments, we understand the importance of impact investments. For this reason, we look out for investment opportunities in areas that enhance basic infrastructures in the society. These basic physical and organizational structures and facilities e.g buildings, power supplies, water supplies etc are needed for the operation of a functional society or enterprise.


We support ventures and businesses producing goods and services with the intent and opportunities for exportation to other countries e.g Information Technology, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, General Services etc helping them to enhance their capacity, meet quality standards and enhance the international market penetration thereby creating foreign exchange for their various countries.